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A Q&A with captain Ridzert Beetstra of The Life Aquatic

Posted by Editor Editor
on 29 May 2013 in Music

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The Life Aquatic, presented to you by Next Monday’s Hangover and Zee Zout!
by Maya Dupont 

It’s the return of Steve Zeezout (Zizou) and The Life Aquatic this Saturday at Het Sieraad. What mystical creature will Steve be hunting this time? Could it be you?

With the sea covering over 90% of the earth’s space, it’s remarkable that the deep sea remains largely unexplored. Lost & Found had a chat with captain Ridzert Beetstra of Next Monday’s Hangover to get to the bottom of this deep sea story… as Steve says, the “deeper you go, the weirder life gets”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Q. To begin, Ridzert, tell me a little about yourself, where you’re from and what it is that you do.
Most people call me Ridz. Where I’m from is a little bit difficult. I sort of have this identity crisis that I don’t know where I come from.

Q. So you are working for Next Monday’s Hangover. Can you tell me in short how it all began? Who else is involved in NMH?
Me and my good friend Rob Simon started to think about what we wanted to do after college. We both didn’t feel like working for a boss. I had just started this PR job after graduation and I realized soon enough that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to sell products that I didn’t believe in myself. So Rob and I started talking about making our own blog ( about the things we like in Amsterdam. In the process, we met Mark Visbeek who is our creative designer, and since we had no real design skills he was a welcome addition to the team. Next Monday’s Hangover started by us taking our online platform to the offline by trying to create a place where all our readers could meet up. Soon these little parties grew bigger and bigger to really give form to Next Mondays Hangover.


Q. So what sets NMH apart from the rest? Tell me more about your philosophy as a company?
NMH started out as a weekly nightlife guide on This cultural and creative platform really helped shape our events since it wasn’t about a certain music or DJ but more about the experience. We always asked our creative friends to join in and make their own little corner, from photobooths to live artists to whatever that would add to the experience.

Although this is happening more frequently now, at the time it really differentiated our parties from the rest.

Q. Your next project is The Life Aquatic at Het Sieraad, tell me more about this? Where did the inspiration come from?
Throughout all our events we always work with themes. If a party has a theme you can really work around it and create a new world every time. And although we’ve had a lot of themes we never had an underwater theme and that’s where The Life Aquatic came in.

The base inspiration comes from the movie The Life Aquatic from my favourite movie director Wes Anderson. I’ve been a great fan since college and have all his DVD’s. I thought it was nice because it has a funny and sarcastic vibe and it’s cool to translate that into a party. Also all the random elements, I love randomness. It’s all about randomness.
Q. What about the line-up, did you put together the line-up? Tell me more about the music that will be played.
Basically the programming is my main job for NMH. Probably because I’ve been very involved with music since i was young, and I follow very closely what’s going on..

I’ve been doing all the programming since the beginning and in this case we’ve booked Aril Brikha who has a really melodic vibe which we are fond of, then we booked upcoming talent Daniel Avery from London who is a resident at Fabric. He also has a deeper sound but he uses a lot of Acid elements which you can see coming back. We also booked Marcus Worgull who has the innervision sound from Berlin which we also like. In fact it’s actually a good representation of music styles for us and I have to admit I’m really happy with this line-up!

Next to that, we are doing this event together with ZeeZout and they will throw some more House party vibes into the mix. People don’t only want the deep melodic stuff – they need the balance.

Your parties are famed to be at unique locations, maybe you can tell me more about the location Het Sieraad?
I think the Sieraad is a great spot. We often try to give parties in unique locations, to get that something extra. The Sieraad has very high ceilings, so you can really use the area and transform it into your own world. It’s one of the coolest locations that Amsterdam has! People in Amsterdam are spoiled and when something is unique it can really add to the experience.

Q. What other things can your guests expect at The Life Aquatic? Will it be dress up? Will you dress up?
Im thinking of going as my personal hero Bill Murray, who plays the main role in The Life Aquatic, or as a captain.

People should dress up, they usually do at our events. You either love it or you hate it! Even when I throw a private party, I always add a theme because in a weird way when people are dressed as someone else, they can actually be more themselves because they are in disguise. This is very much what we want to stimulate.

Q. There are a lot of festivals going on Saturday, do you think you will be able to sell out?
It’s true there are like 5 other festival on that day but you just never know. People usually have the energy to go on, it’s only 11 when the festivals end and it’s a Saturday night. There’s a lot of competition during the day but at night, well, of all the after parties if you may, this one is definitely the best one in Amsterdam.

Q. To round off, what do you most enjoy about your job?
To get away from working office jobs where you don’t get any direct results from your work except in the form of a paycheck, or the occasional champagne bottle for closing a really good deal. For us we receive direct gratitude from people who are really happy!

Everybody needs a party now and then! For lots of people its really worth looking forward to, and if you throw an extra good party, which is always what we aim for, you receive direct gratitude and a lot of love and its much more tangible. This makes our job way more enjoyable and I think we are lucky people to do what we do.

Q. How are you feeling about what you’ve achieved so far and where do you think you will go in the future?
The industry in which we work is always changing, it’s more risky than other business and its really based on hypes and age and all kinds of factors. I don’t know what the expiry date of a promoter or a party is in Amsterdam but after about 5-10 years you probably have to renew yourselves.

You have to think about it, when you’re 40, do you really want to be throwing these parties? So I guess at that point we have to reassess our company and move on from there. I think in the end we will still be working in the field in some way, because for me personally I have never had a more fun job than what I do now. I can’t imagine a life without it.

Get your tickets here.

There you have it, a short glimpse into the world of Next Monday’s Hangover, and what a hangover that will be..

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The Life Aquatic
June 1st
Het Sieraad
Next Mondays Hangover & ZeeZout 


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