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A Q&A with the founder of C4C Vintage Kilo Sale!

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on 20 June 2013 in Fashion

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It appears that vintage market sales or clothes swapping events are all the rage right now. Lost & Found spoke to the founder of C4C Leoni van der Kleij about her upcoming C4C Vintage kilo sale at Trouw this weekend as well as her thoughts on the new trend to wear 2nd hand or vintage items. Read on if you want to know more about C4C fashion (also for men)!

  1. 1. To begin with, tell us a little about yourself and how C4C vintage came to exist.
    Amsterdam C4CVintage Market has become one of the largest vintage fashion market in the Netherlands, organized by starting in 2005. Meanwhile the concept has become quite a success with DJ’s and fashion shows at surprising locations. C4C Vintage started in an abandoned brothel, after which we moved to the TunFun tunnel and also the Theater Krakeling. The last two years you can find us in club Trouw Amsterdam.

  2. Could you explain to us exactly what is C4Cvintage, what are your goals and aims?

    C4C gives individuals an opportunity to sell their 2nd hand or vintage items,as well as the ability to shop for an affordable price. Since its start, C4C has become the largest, most original and most honest vintage market of its kind. In the media it is often described as a ‘shopping phenomenon’ and ‘the place to score bargains’ by big players like LINDA, ELLE,and Glamour. The concept of C4C is simple: vintage combined with high-end fashion shopping without it hurting the wallet!

  3. With who did you found C4C vintage? 
    I organize every event on my own. Two friends (Angela and Joeri ) are helping me out on the dayes of the event as well as our kids.Out of sight I also get big support of some good friends. One is journalist and the other helps with the design of posters. It’s the big support that makes it a family thing and by combining powers we make it work!

  4. You have an event coming up this Saturday (22n and 23 June!) at Trouw, what can we expect there? Tell us more!

    This weekend will have C4C collaborating with Britain’s biggest vinatge wholesale Glass Onion, together we’ll be bringing 10 tons of vintage and retro fashion to Trouw. The concept of a vintage kilo sale is simple, you pick up the items you like and then calculate it by its weight… on average a kilo ranges from 15-25e which can amount up to 4-6 pieces! Shopaholics can go nuts and replenish their wardrobe cheap and inexpensively. 10.000 kilo of women’s and men’s vintage clothing! From beautiful Harris Tweed jackets, Burberry trench coats, Classic Lee Storm Rider denim jackets and Barbour Jackets to exclusive Glass Onion ‘reworked items” like printed Levi jeans shorts, denim jackets and cute tie-dye creations.

  5. Your previous edition at Trouw went well? What other projects have you been busy with? 
    C4C Affordable Vintage Fair in March was a big success! Other projects include C4C Underground pop up markets and pop up stores. C4CVintage & Partners has opened several Affordable Pop-up Shops, in the Pijp Amsterdam and Almere. Visitors will find collections of vintage and fashion wannahaves from different vendors in a retail location.

  6. What do you think about the current Dutch fashion industry, is there more room for projects like C4C?
    It’ crisis time
    and that makes us recycle, and also makes people combine forces. The fashion industry also sees increasingly smaller events, as well as the increase in markets. People tend to be more involved in the product and yje questions where it is made, and by whom, and are there cheaper ways to get it (Swapping parties etc).In better times people jwant only new clothes which was very expensive (exclusive) but since the crisis secondhand seems to be hot again!

  7. What can we expect from you for the future?
    LOTS OF NICE EVENTS! With positive vibe! C4CVintage Keeps the creative spirit high!

C4C Vintage 22 + 23 June
Trouw Amsterdam 

Online VIP Entree 8 euro (incl. garderobe en drankje van het huis)
Deur entree: 5 euro (incl. garderobe en drankje van het huis)
VIP shoppen: 11.00 – 13.00
Overig publiek: 13.00 – 18.00

VIP Entree:


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