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A Taste of Amsterdam!

Posted by Editor Editor
on 13 June 2013 in Food & Drinks

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If you want to taste the best that Amsterdam can offer all in one place, then you will love ‘Taste of Amsterdam’. This annual foodie festival, situated in the tranquil Amstelpark, wrapped the L&F crew into an afternoon of tongue tingling bliss.

From mouth-watering natural juices and fruits to creative cocktails and fine wines. Each ‘Taste’ visitor can try the foods they want as well as buy a decent ‘hapje’ for a small price.

Food wise, nearly all of Amsterdam’s best restaurants were there but our favourite was the Japanese/South American fusion restaurant ‘Izakaya’ which treated us to their delicious anticucho chicken skewers.



Our afternoon was topped off by a refreshing Remy Martin cocktail served with a ginger and orange twist on their comfortable terrace and pleasant hosts.

Its great to see that the Netherlands is increasingly progressing in their food culture and a food festival such as Taste is a great way of showing off our finer restaurants and food products!

We’ve come a long way since potatoes with rookworst!











by Tina Ateljevic & Maya Dupont

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