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Amsterdam Open Air Weekender

Posted by Editor Editor
on 18 June 2013 in Escapism

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foto by Ill&Lauw

There are few festivals that rise up above the others in the Netherlands and it seems that even in only 3 years of existence, Amsterdam Open Air is one of them.

Just like the previous years, Open Air was hosted in the greenery of the Gaasperpark – using every nook and cranny for their stages, their secret stages, creative corners, and even the camping site. Because just like last year Open Air was a weekender, and what a weekend it was.

Together with some of the big (and smaller!) players in the dance scene, the Open Air crew ensured a high degree of professionalism in their execution of the festival, with quality sound and an intricate layout with stages spread throughout, an easy access food court, a separate chill out Wi-Fi island for when you lose touch, and several shows and activities to stumble across – some of our favourites being the creations by Losse Schroeven, Mikey Nice Disco Bingo, Africa’s Epic Sound, the Wandelende Dagboeken and completely random lessons in Poi.

by de fotomeisjes

Each stage was catered to the hosting parties demands, from decorations to line up to quality sound systems, the hosts at this years Open Air saw some familiar and some new faces, a quick sum up – MTV, Carnivale, Plak, Format, Apenkooi, Chasing the Hihat, Sffrmkrs, Girls Love DJ’s, Straf_werk, Baws, Diepzinnig, De Nachtspelen and of course the Air crew themselves. Being all too familiar wth the Dutch weather, it seemed the gods were with them as the skies opened up to the sunlight bringing to life all the different colours of the forests and the people enjoying themselves in it.

Despite some of the recent complaints from neighborhood watches about the natural reservation, in our observation Open Air has in fact been taking good care of its surroundings, providing volunteer cleaners and even researches to prove the minimal harm done to its surrounding areas. Their professional, well thought out attitude translated also into other aspects of the festival, creating a wholesome experience for the individual.

by Ill&Lauw


For a glimpse into the world of Open Air, or a rehash of your memories, you can check out the after movie here:

Amsterdam Open Air Official After Movie


Amsterdam Open Air Weekender
8 & 9 June

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