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Feestjes Met Korting – why pay full price when you no longer have to

Posted by Editor Editor
on 14 November 2012 in Escapism

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As you know, we at Lost & Found pride ourselves on giving you the best of the best of all cool things happening in Amsterdam – from fashion to culture, to music to events, we want to cover it all to satisfy your naughty little cravings and let you discover the Amsterdam we hold so dearly in our hearts. Not only do we do this by highlighting all our favourite hotspots in the city but also by giving you ample opportunity to win free goodies through our Facebook page for you to experience Amsterdam as we know it. Now organization Feestjes Met Korting, although different in nature, has a similar aim: to tell you all about the best parties in town, and even better, to provide you with discounts and guest list spots so that these ‘coolest’ parties can be accessible to all.

Let’s be honest, we all know the drill. Your making your way to the club, you see the hustle and bustle of excited partygoers gather in front of the doors chattering away, people start queuing up, saying their hello’s here and there whilst your fumbling for your money in your pocket, debating whether this really is the best way to spend your last dollar note, and before you know it, the people behind you are in before you, and they didn’t even pay. What happened!? Oh – it seems they are on the guest list.

Feestjes Met Korting makes it possible for all of us to enjoy such freedoms, their motto being: “partying is the best thing there is, money shouldn’t be a reason not to enjoy a party”. So to counter this they creatively invent as many discounts and guest list spots and win competitions for you to enjoy. We’re not kidding! They’ve successfully saved 2219 euros of your money so far, by providing discounts for Bar27, BandjeBandje, Cartel, CookieClub, BLA BLA in locations such as AIR, Chicago Social Club, Studio 80 and so many more.

Where do you sign up? You can register at for their newsletter, or keep an eye on to stay in the loop!




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