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L&F at the Spaghetteria Amsterdam!

Posted by Editor Editor
on 26 December 2012 in Food & Drinks

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by Maya Dupont

A glass of wine, a bowl of freshly made pasta, a shot of real Italian espresso and a bite of pure raw chocolate… these are a few of my favourite things, and probably yours too.

Some of you may already know where to get your fix, but to those who don’t: im talking about the Spaghetteria Amsterdam, the new pasta bar in town. Yet the term “pasta bar” might not quite do it justice.

“It’s something that was so obviously missing yet it wasn’t done yet. You see, in Italy a pasta bar is quite a common thing, it was something I grew up with yet there was none here in Amsterdam, so we took that idea and gave it form to what it is now. And when I say there was “pasta bars” in Italy, I mean to say there were restaurants there that really placed the emphasis on pasta. The concept is simple but its strong, simple food made with quality products, focusing only on the best things like wine, pasta, coffee and chocolate”

Walking into the “restaurant” you get an immediate living room feeling (I only put “restaurant” in quotation marks precisely because of the non restaurant-y feeling upon entering). Instead you are confronted with one very large wooden table in the center of the room (laden with what looks like some serious olive oil and balsamico dressing!) where couples and friends have added on to enjoy a plate of tasty fresh made pasta.

The menu is short & to the point, with a selection of six different pastas, an option of a rocket side salad, and a tiramisu or sgroppino for dessert.

“The menu changes 3-4 times a week depending on which season’s vegetables are sold. We like to work only with fresh products. We always have the Arrabiatta (chili & tomato) then at least one selection of fish, meat and a vegetarian option. We also usually have the Vongole, except on Monday’s because you can’t get fresh clams on a Monday”.

Now that’s some serious dedication! And when asked whether they dabble in the kitchen themselves, the response was immediate:

“No absolutely not, we don’t let anyone that’s not 100% Italian touch the food. It’s like learning languages. You can always learn Spanish or German or whatever, but it will always be your second language, never your mother tongue”.

And this is precisely the vibe you get. An authentic Italian dinner with a cosy living-room feeling! L&F had the great pleasure to enjoy a meal for two, and will definitely be back for more!


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