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Lois Legends: The rebirth of cool

Posted by Editor Editor
on 27 July 2012 in Fashion

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Lois calls it the rebirth of cool. With their 50th birthday the jeans brand launches the Lois Legends Collection this fall/winter. Originated in Spain in 1962, it has made it’s mark on the world of denim fashion which now in 2012 results in the rebirth of some of the most iconic fashion statements they have made throughout the years. With a modern twist here, a contemporary tweak there, these Legends are more than ready to once again make denim history.


One of the highlights is The One, to pay a homage to the very first pair of Lois jeans ever made. But also the Torera has our likes, a replica of the Tejana denim waist-jacket, the most popular denim jacket of the seventies. So, happy days are here again and around to stay! Check for more info

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