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Next Monday’s Hangover ‘Boutique’ Festival, lets go!

Posted by Editor Editor
on 31 July 2013 in Escapism // Music

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After hosting a smashing stage at Buiten Westen, Next Monday’s Hangover is ready to dive head first into festival season to tackle their very own Next Monday’s Hangover Festival.

September 8th is the date selected to complete summer 2013 with what promises to be an intimate gathering of fine-tuned music aficcionados – as well as one of Amsterdam’s last summer festivals of the season.

Moving steadily towards a more developed, dare I say sophisticated niche in music, it becomes clear that as Next Monday’s Hangover have grown as a company, so have their tastes and vision of what exactly Next Monday’s Hangover is.

The festival will be held at DOK 2013, an increasingly popular venue for intimate outdoor beach-vibe festivals and the perfect location for Next Monday’s Hangover boutique summer-closing. With 3 stages, over 8 labels, and 19 DJ’s, Next Monday’s Hangover festival is sure to carry you on a musical journey through the “deeper, complex, storytelling strains of house, techno and indie music”. The musical pioneers selected to lead this mission:

✢Arjuna Schiks
✢ Daniel Zuur
✢ Enrique’s Groove
✢ John Tejada (USA)
✢ Jorn Liefdeshuis
✢ Lake People (DE)
✢ Malawi
✢ Mees Dierdorp
✢ MikeyNice
✢ Olaf Stuut
✢ Pitto
✢ Primo Disco
✢ Rampue (DE)
✢ Robag Wruhme (DE)
✢ Satori
✢ Silvester
✢ Some Chemistry
✢ Weval

See you on the dancefloor.

Next Monday’s Hangover Festival
FB Event:
Date: 8th September
Time: 13:00-23:00
Location: DOK 2013
Tickets: 25euro

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