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Q&A with Kevin and Lex, owners of Deep House Amsterdam

Posted by Editor Editor
on 09 April 2013 in Music

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Meet Kevin and Lex; young, talented, ambitious and ready to take their music platform Deep House Amsterdam to the next level. Both coming from musical backgrounds as DJ’s, they soon discovered their collective passion for Deep House music and made it their mission to spread their sweet Deep House tunes through Amsterdam.

Before we start I’d like to hear a little bit more about you, about who you are, and how you got involved with Deep House Amsterdam.

Kevin:  I’m 20 years old from Huntington NY. I lived there for over 6 years before returning to Holland when my parents divorced. Amsterdam offered a new beginning for me, I had to learn Dutch, I went to a new school, met new people and found to really love the way people interacted here in Amsterdam.

I got involved with music when I was 15, and ended up DJ-ing at friends’ house parties. I loved the scene, it was a lot of fun. It was only a few years later when I was 17 or 18 that I had had my first gig here in Amsterdam at the Cuebar. Somewhere along the way I met Lex and eventually I got involved with Deep House Amsterdam.

Lex: For me the DJ-ing started 5 years ago when I was living in the U.S. I was asked if i could dj, as I am from holland, they thought was just as normal as riding a bike there. I just told them i could DJ even though I had never done it in my life. After some practice it turned out alright and it all kind of started from there. Deep House Amsterdam was a new project next to the djing to create something that wasn’t really out there yet. It was just for fun and still is, but its getting more and more serious. 

So why don’t you tell me a little more about Deep House Amsterdam, what it is that you guys are trying to do?

Lex: We actually started Deep House Amsterdam just for fun by releasing one mixtape a week but in the last couple of weeks we have been expanding a lot. Especially since the launch of our new website. By collaborating with different organizations within Amsterdam that are also into Deep House we hope to spread good quality Deep House music. Recently, party organizers approach us to promote their party on our website but we only agree when we think the quality is good enough. There’s no way I would ever put anything on there that I don’t support.

Kevin: We strive for quality over quantity

So originally Deep House Amsterdam was a platform to spread Deep House sounds from Amsterdam, but since then you’ve expanded quite a bit. Tell us more about how this came about, what you have been busy with and perhaps also about your motivations/goals for the future?

Lex: We are now doing interviews, reviews of albums/EP’s and promotion as well besides the mixtapes. Basically we are a media platform that wants to inform the people about our music. Often we get a new release sent to us by record labels way before it’s actual release so that we can post it on our website which is cool for us because we want to offer the people something special. We recently got a snippet of David August’s new album, which is absolutely great. We are also hoping to expand by making a web shop with our own merchandise like T-shirts with the Deep House Amsterdam logo.

Kevin: Our interviews are exclusive, our mix tapes are exclusive, we only want to put something on that we 100% support.

So tell me, are you running Deep House Amsterdam by yourselves or do you have a team working behind you guys? It seems an awful lot to handle.

LexIt’s us and a couple others right now. We have a good promo team, a website administrator and a little community of people that are interested in supporting our concept. It’s good to see that we have people behind us.

And on the side you guys are still busy DJ-ing?

Lex: Yes on the side we still DJ, I DJ with another friend of mine. Together we work as a DJ duo under the name Deep n Disco Boys. Aside from DJ-ing I’m also managing my own label ‘Double Tree Records which actually goes hand in hand with running Deep House Amsterdam. I run this project together with my friend Prunk, he is a very talented DJ and producer who is doing some great stuff at the moment. Someone else from the label, I think is particularly talented right now is Luis Leon, who is currently living in Peru but who will hopefully be joining us soon for a tour.

Kevin: The most important thing for us is having fun. Going to a party is our job, and that’s not a bad life.

Your next project on the agenda seems to be your 1st year anniversary party at the Studio/K. Is organizing such events an integral part to Deep House Amsterdam and will we be seeing more of these parties?

Lex: Yes one of our upcoming gigs is our anniversary party at the Studio/K that we are doing together with UK sounds on April 13th with some good DJ’s like Ejeca, Jonny Cade, Kezla and more. We also just went online with another event today on the 29th for Queen’s night. The party is called WAREHOUSE and I will be playing there as Deep n Disco Boys at Amsterdam Roest.

And there you have it. A short glimpse into the lives of Kevin and Lex, the owners of Deep House Amsterdam. To find out more about their musical passions I suggest to look at their website or go and check them out at one of their upcoming parties! Keep tuned to our Facebook page for a chance to win free tickets to one of their events!


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