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“The Treasures” of a city

Posted by Editor Editor
on 20 August 2012 in Arts // Fashion // Food & Drinks // Lifestyle

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Lost & Found was created to work as a city guide like no other, based around street styles in fashion, and providing inside information for locals and visitors on the hottest places to visit, events to experience, and people to meet. We mean the places and events you would never stumble upon, and the things you hear a buzz about on the street.

Similar to Lost & Found, The Treasures is designed to let you experience a city like a local, focusing on the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Founded by fashion designer Marianne Krauss and events director Carolina Carrasco, these two ladies decided to combine their experiences and pool their knowledge of city secrets for you to enjoy.

From art & design, to gastronomic delights, and hidden boutiques, The Treasures works to custom design the perfect city tour based on your interests and desires. No longer will you have to hunt through the Internet or address your guidebooks. So get rid of your lonely planets, and let The Treasures introduce you to the streets of Madrid or Barcelona!

by Maya Dupont

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