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To C-Taste, it must be in the dark!

Posted by Editor Editor
on 24 October 2012 in Food & Drinks

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Let your senses be prickled and experience the un-experienced. Let yourself be seduced by scent, touch and taste. Welcome to C-Taste, the “dining in the dark” experience!

New to Amsterdam, other major capitals such as London, Paris and Berlin have already been introduced to this highly unusual restaurant concept of well… eating in the dark! Although this serves for an unforgettably fun experience, it also serves to heighten your awareness of the visually impaired and in fact, the 10 waiters at your service each have their limitations in visibility.

After a careful explanation in the lounge bar of what will follow, you are greeted by your waiter who will direct you to the restaurant and guide you to your seat in the dark. Once seated, your waiter will take your orders and if needed, instruct you on how to eat. We thought we’d not spoil the fun and let you figure this one out by yourselves. We’re not giving away any secrets!

The menu is compiled to maximize the dining in the dark experience. By using only fresh ingredients and by having the chef compile the menu for you! Out of a preliminary round of vague choices (fish, meat, poultry, vegetarian), the chef will put together a meal for you to remember. Naturally there will be a chance for you to mention any allergies or food aversions before you’re served up Brussels sprouts.

The C-Taste experience is a great and invigorating way to enjoy your meal. Try something out of the ordinary and be prepared for a unique experience!

…although, unless testing fate, we would advise you not to wear your newest shirt. Eating in the dark can be a little bit tricky sometimes. At least there was no one there to see it…


Amsteldijk 55
1074HX Amsterdam
Tel:(0) 20 675 28 31

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Karo wrote this on 24 October 2012, 08:43

They opened about 5 years ago, so not that new in fact (which shows that’s more than just ‘a whim’). Definitely worth visiting – it’s amazing how dark it is in there! Now I know what pitch black actually means :) .
Speaking of experiences in the dark, did you know there’s a new theater show coming up next weekend, which is performed completely in the dark? It’s called Hertz by Orange Tea Theatre.

    Editor wrote this on 24 October 2012, 02:11

    We only meant NEW in the sense that the concept of eating in the dark is new to Amsterdam before C-Taste! And the fact that it’s spread internationally is definitely a sign that its more than just a whim! Interesting things going on in the restaurant world these days! And yes, pitch black it definitely was!!!

      Editor wrote this on 24 October 2012, 02:21

      Oh! And thanks for the tip about the theater show! Who knows, we might even blog about it! Please feel free to offer us any other relevant suggestions, our editors are always on the look-out for new stuff to blog about! xxx L&F

        Karo wrote this on 24 October 2012, 03:16

        you’re welcome and I’ll keep my eyes open for you (even in the dark ;) ).