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Wool For President!

Posted by Editor Editor
on 01 September 2012 in Fashion // Lifestyle

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November 5th sees the beginning of a new and somewhat odd campaign: The Campaign for Wool. Now it’s not so much that we’re campaigning for wool that’s odd, but that it’s being organized by no one other than: his royal highness Prince Charles of Great Britain! Of course the royal family are credited with an impeccable taste in fashion, I just have a hard time seeing Prince Charles snuggling up in his wooly jumper!

Reading on I soon begin to understand the merit behind his involvement: by choosing for real quality wool, we are also opting to “save our planet”. This is why Amsterdam is hosting its first Dutch “Wool Week”! For 5 days there will be activities organized throughout the city, with a special opening kickoff with the exhibition “21 wool masters” where top Dutch fashion designers like Jan Taminiau, Bas Kosters and Frans Molenaar will showcase their “wooly” designs at Droog Design (Nov. 5th 11am).

The Campaign for Wool originated starting 2011 and has now grown to an international event reaching countries as far as Australia and Japan. To participate, or to stay updated on the several events, please visit:

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